Your training session will be customized to you and your specific needs.  All ages and abilities welcome.


Personal Training Sessions offered at:

Remote | Online

Session time may be used for nutrition consultation/planning and goal setting, as well as weigh-ins and measurements.  All training sessions start with a warm-up and end with flexibility training. Your trainer may make suggestions as to the best use of the time for your goals and needs.

PBDstudio | Remote | Online


Personal 1 - 1 Training:  $90/hr


45-Mins: $70

60-Mins: $90

90-Mins: $135

120-Mins: $180

At-Home* | On-Location**


Personal 1 - 1 Training: $120/hr


45-Mins: $90

60-Mins: $120

90-Mins: $180

120-Mins: $240

Sessions are scheduled on a first come, first served basis.

*May be subject to additional fees, depending on distance and location, etc.

**travel is .60¢ per mile

[Please contact Kristin for quotes and further details]



Semi-Private Training offered at:

PBDstudio, Encompass Fitness (Ashland)


Semi-Private Training (2-4):  $35-50pp/hr


2-People: $50pp/hr

3-People: $40pp/hr

4-People: $35pp/hr

At-Home & On-Location*

 Semi-Private Training (2-6):  $30-60pp/hr


2-People: $55pp/hr

3-People: $45pp/hr

4-People: $40pp/hr

5-People: $35pp/hr

6-People: $30pp/hr

Sessions are scheduled on a first come, first served basis.

*May be subject to additional fees, depending on distance and location, etc.

[Please contact Kristin for further details]


Indoor and Outdoor Classes Available


Encompass Fitness, Ashland

No Registration Required. FREE with Gym Membership or Drop-In with a $10 day pass.

Holden Recreation Center


Registration for Holden Recreation classes is done via their website or by calling:


Class Descriptions

Butts & Guts: This class is a full body workout including strength, conditioning, endurance and flexibility training that pays special attention to working glutes and core.  It starts with mat work, graduates to strength and conditioning and finishes with flexibility training. All fitness levels are welcome. Mat and water bottle recommended.


Beginner FitCamp: All ages are invited to this class. This FitCamp offers modifications and progressions to accommodate all fitness levels. Mat and water bottle recommended.


Fit & Fun: Fit & Fun is a full functional workout that works your whole body using games and a little friendly competition. This class includes a warm-up, workout, cool down and finishes with stretching.  Enroll today to join the fun! Mat and water bottle recommended.


FitCamp: If you’re looking for a workout that is guaranteed to challenge and change you, FitCamp is it! This class is designed to train your body in all facets of fitness and improve your overall wellness.  This boot camp style class incorporates combinations of Pilates, circuit, HIIT, functional, balance, agility and finishes with flexibility training. Enroll to join the fun.Mat and water bottle recommended.


FlexTime: This class is dedicated to releasing tension, improving mobility, body balance, and increasing flexibility.  Flexibility training is important for maintaining/improving muscle integrity, movement patterns, as well as preventing injuries. All ages and abilities are encouraged to attend. Mat and water bottle recommended.


Happy Houris an outdoor class on the “lighter side”. This class is held at Trout Brook Reservation (Manning Street Entrance) and focuses on aerobic conditioning, but also has strength and balance activities throughout. This class is great for beginners and is recommended for people that have little to no fitness experience. Please come prepared with proper attire for the weather and with footwear appropriate for grass, mud and trails.


Teen imPRESS: is a summer program designed for teens looking to IMprove their Performance, Resistance, Endurance, Speed and Strength or just to keep active and have some fun while IMproving general fitness. The class incorporates everything from speed and agility drills to balance, strength and flexibility training. Workouts are intertwined with relays/games to ensure the classes fun and engaging. Each class is different and includes a whole body workout that addresses all facets of fitness.Mat and water bottle recommended.


Take the Challenge!: This is not your typical boring S&C class, but rather a fun challenge for your day.  This class is designed to improve your strength, conditioning and overall fitness using Circuit Training, HIIT and Functional Training. Class starts with a warm-up, continues into strength & conditioning and finishes with flexibility training. 

Mat, weights and water bottle recommended.


Time Out: Need a Time Out? Come join the fun at Trout Brook Reservation (Manning Street Entrance) where you get all the benefits of being out in nature while engaging in a class that focuses on improving your overall health and wellness. The class includes trail walks/hikes (conditions permitting), combined with circuit, HIIT, functional, balance, agility as well as flexibility training. All ages and fitness levels welcome. Please come prepared with proper attire for the weather and with footwear appropriate for grass, mud and trails. Mat and water bottle also recommended.