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Performance & Body Design, Kristin D Mercurio, Fitness Trainer,, 2019, Award, Certificate of Excellence
Performance & Body Design, Kristin D Mercurio, Fitness Trainer,, 2020, Award, Certificate of Excellence

Kristin is awesome. She is positive, supportive, knowledgeable, and communicates effectively. We are grateful to have found her to further our goals.

Danielle M.

Leicester, MA

Kristin is an extremely driven person. I loved how specific she was with my set of goals. She has a happy upbeat easy to get along with personality with an abundance of knowledge to suit individual needs. 
Thanks for all your help Kristin.

Erik K.

Marlborough, MA

Finding the right committed trainer was important to me and Kristin Mercurio was such a fabulous choice. She pushed me beyond my limits and it paid off with exceptional results. Working on endurance, muscle strengthening, and nutrition was a goal that she guided me and taught me ways to challenge myself to reach these goals. She cheered me on all the way and I was excited to connect with her each week. She is the best!!!

Maureen A.

Ashland, MA

Amazing tailored approach and results! Highly recommend! Being a former gymnast, rarely did I meet someone who could give me a "good workout". Not only did she deliver here, but also worked around my new baby and help me learn to incorporate him. My mother in law also uses her and has had a fantastic experience; which illustrates her versatility because we are in very different places physically and both had great results and loved her!

Geneva C.

Andover, MA

Kristin did wonderful things for me. As a not-so-young man (actually, a senior citizen), I was very concerned if I had the ability to get back into shape and undertake a semi-rigorous workout program. We started at a modest level of activity and worked up to an increasingly-intense activity level. And, it worked!! I am in amazingly better shape than I was in before working out under Kristin's tutelage. We worked on all three areas that were important to me  strength, balance, and stamina. And, we worked on virtually all muscle groups, while giving some added focus to the core. 


At all times, Kristin was informative and precise with her instructions, and did everything along side of me  providing not only vocal instructions, but also a visual model of the right way to do things. She was always very encouraging and extremely pleasant. I very highly recommend her as a trainer.

Paul B.

Framingham, MA

As a member of Evolve Fitness for many years, I have always wanted to work with a personal trainer.  I had always wondered if I was exercising properly for my body type and for my health.  During the summer, I would be at the gym almost every day.  However, as soon as the fall and winter came, I had difficulty motivating myself to get to the gym.


About a year and a half ago when I was renewing my membership, I met Kristin Mercurio.  I decided to try working out with a personal trainer.  During my interview with Kristin, she asked me what my goals were for working out and I kiddingly said that I would like to be able to wear a bikini (which is laughable given my age).  Kristin looked at me with a straight face and said "why not."  I knew right then that Kristin was the type of trainer I needed.


There are a few reasons why I decided to work with a trainer - to increase my bone density, to hold me accountable to get to the gym especially during the winter, and to feel strong and healthy.  Since I began my training, I am coming to the gym at least 2-3 times per week in between training sessions, even during the winter.  I didn't need to lose weight; however, I have noticed a difference with my body.  I look more toned and I feel healthier and stronger.


Kristin has been a good match for me.  She is personable and very supportive.  She makes me believe that I can do anything at the gym.  I meet with her once per week for a half an hour.  The time goes by very quickly.  I love the variety of workouts that she has planned for me.  It is never boring.  Working with Kristin is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Doreen L.

Framingham, MA

It was an excellent experience!

Juan G.

Framingham, MA

Before meeting Kristin, the gym seemed overwhelming and a place that I could never feel comfortable. Wanting to lose weight and get in shape, I decided that a personal trainer was the first step.  I met Kristin and she was so happy, energetic and willing to help me on my journey.  She takes the time to show me how to do different exercises and has also helped me gain the confidence to change routines at the gym.  I have not only lost weight and become more tone but have gained confidence.  She is always full of new ideas and is willing to help in anyway possible.  Kristin makes coming to the gym a fun and enjoyable experience.

Eliza F.

Marlborough, MA

Before starting at Evolve Fitness a little over a year ago my weight had ballooned to the heaviest Id ever been.  Since childhood I have always struggled with my weight.  I tried this diet and that diet and lost some but always gaining it more.  This was the year I decided to do something about it.  I have to admit, the thought of working out never really appealed to me.  I was never one of those people that went out of their way to be active.  Then I met Kristin.  She understood that I was starting from scratch and needed a lot of guidance.   She took me under her wing and whipped me into shape.  She has taught me so much over this past year.  She has taught me that I can love things like running, and lifting, and core work and not be scared of it.  She kicks my butt on a daily basis and has helped bring me back to life and she rocks!  Now, about a year later and 60 lbs lighter, I am well on my way to my goal and training for my first Triathlon in August!

Julie B.

Ashland, MA

I have hired Kristin as a personal trainer. In meeting with her I found she took the time to listen, rather than assume she knows what you need. I found her personality flexible... meaning as a trainer she can be assertive or passive based on your needs. Her prices are comparable to others I have reviewed. Her credentials are very impressive. I recommend her to anyone wanting to be more fit. Kristin does not just focus on the body but the nutritional and emotional aspect of your fitness.

Debe C.

Worcester, MA

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